Learn how optimizes the entire reservation lifecycle from planning to resale via Purchase Planner.

Model customized purchase polices with the Purchase Planner

We model all potential purchasing strategies across every Reservation type, coverage level, term length and upfront spend amount, all informed by forecasts of hourly machine utilization data to find the optimal Reservation blend. The best part? Execute all this in 1-Click.

Summary Dashboard

View summaries of net-cost and savings of the recommended purchase plan as well as which machines are covered by the plan

Recommended Reservations

View all the details of the recommended Reservation plan like cost, savings, and the instances that influenced the recommendation.

We use machine learning to optimize your Reservation recommendations, running through trillions of combinations to find the right plan for you.

Continually optimize your reservations with the Convertible Reserved Instance Auto-Exchange

We continuously monitor for potential exchange and buyback opportunities and list them for you in the Convertible Reserved Instance Exchanger. Never miss a savings opportunity by enabling Auto-Exchange.

Savings Dashboard

See exactly how much you've saved from exchanges and buybacks. That's an easy win you can save for a performance review.

Potential Exchanges

View all potential Convertible Reserved Instance exchange opportunities with summaries on savings and cost.

Potential Buybacks

View all potential buyback opportunities with savings summaries and why we recommend you sell the Reservations back to

Never miss an exchange or buyback opportunity with Auto-Exchange.

View all of your reservations in one place with Reservation Inventory

The Reservation Inventory shows you all reservations and what savings they've achieved, including those that are unused, expiring, or need renewal. Don't want to keep track of what's expiring when? Set automatic reminders or automatice renewal.


Don't create calendar events for expiring reservations. can auto-renew your expiring reservations automatically into any new strategy you would like so you don't have to worry about missing renewals.

Integrated Alerting

Customize your notification settings and enable Slack or email alerts for expiring reservations.
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